Customer Relationship Management

Use your information for your benefit

Tough competition conditions and increasing cost pressure require a rethinking about the distribution sections.

In order to stay competitive every company needs to show maximal flexibility. A tight organisation of the business processes as well as the management of customer relationships are a major criteria of successfull and modern companies.

The identification / valuation of each client as well as the systematisation of the business relation to the clients are an important part of a successfull marketing strategy. Individual support service provides faith and increases the customer loyality.

1. CRM solution for special-contract customers
  • Administration of communication
  • Administration of contracts
  • flexible tarif administration
  • comparative calculation
  • contribution accounting
  • scoring and segementation of customers
2. CRM solution for forwarding companies
  • recording of customer data
  • settlement of accounts and profits
  • different statistics
  • recording nonmonetary criteria
  • graphical evaluation of the development
  • interface data transfer