Webspedi – Forwarding Software

Worldwide and flexible availability

are made possible thanks to the Saas solution. Webspedi is the forwarding software that can be used via the internet and therefore is available anywhere and anytime.

Traffix Webspedi is the solution for forwarders with the advantages of both a full solution and an online solution.

Traffix Webspedi is the solution for forwarders that work together in different locations. Or for forwarders that don’t want to have a in house server. Or for forwarders that would like to have a solution that is as flexible as them.

Thanks to the renting system for Traffix Webspedi this solution is the perfect fit for small forwarders and for newly found companies.

Thanks to the centrally located web server you can be connected to coworkers all around the world.

The advantages of Traffix Webspedi in a nutshell:

  • Worldwide availability
  • Minimal hardware equipment in your location
  • Functionality
  • Performane
  • National and international collaboration
  • Scalability
  • Ideal also for small business
  • IT-Security
  • Data transfer by changing to a in house model

Let us show you how you can work  more efficient.